Our department is aimed at the best offer of carpets and carpet coverings. Being dealers of  ASSOCIATED WEAWERS and others, we suggest optimal prices and terms of delivery. Visiting international exhibitions, the top specialists of the «Carpets and carpet coverings» department choose the most valuable and interesting items for the Ukrainian market. 






For the companies that look forward to working in this segment of the market, the warehouse of more than thousand carpets is introduced here. They are made of natural and synthetic material, in combination of different thread types, decorated with pure leather, can be found in classic and up-today designs.

  • The material of the yarn: wool, wool and silk, acryl, polypropylene (PP)
  • Manufactured: hand-made, machine-made
  • Height of yarn: from 5mm to 100mm
  • weight: from 0,6 kg\sq.m to 3,5 kg\sq.m


We supply by order thousands of carpet coverings, made of polyamide and wool. We have the widest range of products to offer within Ukraine, being ready to supply from 1 per m for 45 days. To create comfort work conditions we provide our partners with catalogues of samples of carpet coverings and all necessary documents.
  • width: 3,66m; 4m ; 4,57m; 5m
  • material of yarn: wool, polyamide (PA), polypropylene (PP), wool+ polyamide
  • kind of nap: loop, velour, thermotwisted thread, long yarn
  • weight: from 0,5 kg\sq.mto 2 kg\sq.m
  • Networks of building hypermarkets;
  • DIY networks;
  • Design studios, furniture salons, specialized carpet shops.
  • Huge wholesales stores;
  • Direct supply from the manufacturer;
  • Free deliverance within Ukraine;
  • Organization of exhibition of products, introducing samples and trade equipment;
  • Training workshops by the department stuff;
  • Organization of presentations and seminars with representatives of factories-manufacturers;
  • Organization and holding actions;
  • Possibility of credit;
  • Promoters’ support;
  • Possibility to work operatively by order with elite sorts of carpets and carpet coverings.